Using animals in testing cosmetics essay

However, there are scientists who back animal testing for cosmetics. These creatures are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves, so torturing them in laboratories is extremely unethical PETA, China In China, the control of cosmetic products and new cosmetic ingredients is under the responsibility of the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration.

I gave the other response a thumbs up, but actually part of the reason that they test on those animals is that they are very similar to us biologically.

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Those who support this legal practice say that it is for a good cause, implying that it is better to use animals than human beings for testing.

However, I insist that using animals to test cosmetic products should be abandoned altogether because animals should not suffer simply because people want to look pretty.

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In summary, defenders of animal experimentation argue that humans have higher moral status than animals and fundamental rights that animals lack. Animal testing and medicine.

Animals have played a central role in advancing biomedical research. Ethical and scientific considerations regarding animal testing and research. The professional assigned will be an expert in the specific topic you choose and the information will never be shared with anyone.

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Research Essay on Animal Lab Testing

To conclude, I would like to add that animal testing is a cruel procedure, no matter what goals scientists pursue. If you want to make sure your work will bring you a nice mark, it is better to use help of specialists, especially, if or when you find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough time and materials, or other obstacles take up too much time.

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Although this practice is generally regulated, these creatures often suffer and die in laboratories, which causes heated public debates. They are endangered. The testing of cosmetics is also held upon animals; the components of cosmetic tools can cause irritation, burn, inflammation and other complications.

We live in a modern world, where the computers and other techniques are the main part of our daily life. So, the cosmetics can be easily tested on the computer.

Cosmetic Testing on Animals Every year, millions of animals suffer and die in painful tests to determine the safety of cosmetics. Substances such as eye shadow and soap are tested on rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, dogs, and other animals, despite the fact that the test results don’t help prevent or.

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persuasive essay topics animals. Here are some sound essay topics and the thesis statement should be easy to get from these: Medical Animal Testing Is Ethically Wrong. Medical Animal Testing Is Justifiable.

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Consumers and manufacturers sometimes ask about the use of animals for testing cosmetics. The following information addresses the legal requirement for cosmetic. China Prior toall cosmetics produced domestically or imported had to undergo animal testing. Since then, China has permitted the use of non-animal safety tests on some categories of cosmetics produced domestically.

"The use of animals in the development of our products is sometimes required to ensure products are safe and effective. In fact, alternatives to animal testing techniques, commonly called in vitro techniques, do not generate all of the pre-clinical data required by government agencies to bring new products to .

Using animals in testing cosmetics essay
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