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Because most of the trail through Utah and Nevada crossed wasteland, nearly all of the relay stations there rudimentary structures, providing the barest essentials for survival had to be built from scratch. To meet its guarantee of day delivery of mail letters and newspapers only from St.

Jack Zehrt Rough rides, dangerous stations Although there is no record of the exact number of stations along the Pony Express route, historians estimate that there were about The low-key, practical Waddell oversaw purchasing, hiring, payroll, and bookkeeping from the home office, which moved from LeavenworthKansas where the company had been headquartered sinceto St.

All but the best stations had dirt floors. In fact, riders were required to take the following pledge: The pony express lasted only for one and a half-year. Most of the relay posts consisted of small simple cabins, with a few stalls and a corral for the horses.

Pony Express

Some riders carried horns to signal the relay station of their approach. Moreover, with the beginning of the Civil War inmost of the Butterfield Overland Mail line would be disrupted and destroyed by Confederate troops.

One of the most famous riders was Buffalo Bill Cody. Farewell my lovely summary analysis essay Farewell my lovely summary analysis essay research papers on major depression musikwissenschaftliche dissertationen online. The exact placement was determined by the terrain and, where possible, by the availability of an already established facility, such as a fort or a stagecoach stop.

Never before in history had letters been delivered over such a distance so quickly. An Englishman who came to Utah as a teenager at the time of the Mormon migration, Haslam rode for the Pony in Nevada at the time of the Paiute War, making a fabled ride of nearly miles without relief.

Rather, they were well-established businessmen with a successful record of providing freight service to both the U. In the end he traveled about miles km in 40 hours.

A similar arrangement was set up on the West Coast. Waddell became the answer. Bee, a partner in a telegraph company, who reportedly approached a number of owners of San Francisco newspapers with a similar plan in the mids.

In the era before electronic communication, the Pony Express was the thread that tied East to West. With more than a half-million people already settled west of the Rocky Mountains, and the growing likelihood of a Civil War, the federal government was determined to establish and maintain more regular contact with an area rich in natural resources and susceptible to disruptive inroads by an increasingly belligerent South.

Several years ago, the film Hidalgo featured a wild tale of Frank Hopkins, a self-proclaimed equestrian who said that he rode for the Pony Express. The distance between stations, determined by the distance a good horse could run at a full gallop over that particular terrain, was usually 10—15 miles 16—24 km.

Of course, the best horses were of no use without experienced riders, and so Russell, Majors and Waddell assigned their division superintendents the task of hiring 70—80 riders each. Hockaday took over the Salt Lake to Independence route in It was this demand that gave rise to the idea of the Pony Express.

A Brief History More than 1, miles in 10 days. Ficklin, the general superintendent of the huge Russell, Majors and Waddell freight and stage company, who is said to have shared his notion of a relay of horse riders carrying the mail from St.

He took a crazy, circuitous route that did not follow the route of the Pony Express and rode hundreds of miles into the Southwest.

Although they were young and small in stature, they tackled a big job. These men recognized a need for improved communications between the Eastern United States and the burgeoning communities in California. Read this American History Essay and over 89, other research documents.

Pony Express. On April 3rd,the Pony Express started. The first rider named /5(1). Essay about The Pony Express' Significant Role in American History October 22, Pony Express The Pony Express was a mail delivery system in the West.

It allowed people who went west for various reasons to get mail from family and friends or from businesses from the East. October 22, Pony Express The Pony Express was a mail delivery system in the West.

It allowed people who went west for various reasons to get mail from family and. The innovation the Pony Express was a business venture for founders William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William Waddell. The growing Western United States was unable to communicate with the already established Eastern United States; making the Pony Express an essential need for Americans.

The First Ride

The Pony Express only lasted a little more than 18 months, from April of to late October of The main reason it came to an end was the progression.

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Pony express essay
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