Essay on sustainable use of natural resources

From checking of wood and soil erosion to wild life protection, rainfall, human recreation, water sheds and balance of nature, forests play a major role in enhancing quality of environment. Forests and Wildlife, Water, Coal and Petroleum.

So allow us happen out the causes why renewable energy is a serious option to the fossil fuels. The emerging issues related to the impact of globalisation on sustainable agriculture are as follows: In cities it is becoming, increasing difficult to see a green patch. For conservation, the development policy should follow the following norms: Sustainability is first and foremost a mental question.

But statistical information is available for only 93 per cent of total area. Advantages and disadvantages of Hydropower. There are various forms of alternative energy available.

The chief potency that this type of energy has is that it can be used in multipurpose country. There is need to focus on local farming situations as a basis of dealing with global problems, especially in poor countries. The forest policy was again revised in and the main objective of the revised forest policy of is.

Why do we need to manage Our Resources. The regions of Boeny and Diana, and 37 rural local authorities that hold extensive ecological potential, are working together to draft and pass long-term land use plans.

On the informational level, the need is for data that will allow the development of accurate social and environmental accountancy systems. This area is gradually decreasing year after year due to deforestation.

The proper management can ensure equitable distribution of natural resources so that all the people can benefit from the development of these resources. For illustration, benefits of hydropower are deluging control, irrigation and public H2O supplies. It may go on, but non really shortly and likely merely when there is nil to pull out or mine.

According to this policy, it was decided to raise steadily the forest area to 33 per cent for the country as a whole, 60 per cent area under the forests for hilly regions and for plains to bring this area to 20 per cent.

In add-on, they require small care and have log life-time. Last, spread outing the usage of renewable energy will hold a positive impact on employment, harmonizing to more than a twelve independent surveies analysing the impact of clean energy on the economic system.

Protection, Conservation and Afforestation. The total area under forest is of Without a grasp of the need or the will to change awareness, we will not succeed in realising the principle of sustainability in agriculture. This includes one national-level dialogue and three regional processes.

Once exhausted, they are depleted completely. These resources are usually known to man. C Forest Policy The forest area is decreasing very fast day by day. However unlike trees that are a renewable resource all these are non renewable. In this chapter we will describe how to use our natural resources so as to achieve sustainable development as well as to conserve our environment.

Solar energy is the 2nd most common type of renewable energy. The resources of the earth are limited: According to this policy, it was decided to raise steadily the forest area to 33 per cent for the country as a whole, 60 per cent area under the forests for hilly regions and for plains to bring this area to 20 per cent.

Rest 19 per cent comes under forest, 9 per cent as fallow lands, 11 per cent as cultivable waste land and others. Natural ecosystem preservation could be accomplished by maintaining abundance of nature, preservation of endangered species, keeping of biodiversity, and so on.

Out of this the productive or cultivable land is only 47 per cent. As these three types of renewable energy were mentioned allow us discourse them more specific. Bio gas which is generated by the action of bacteria on packed kitchen waste without oxygen could be used as an alternative to liquid petroleum gas.

Global involvement, on the other hand, must not be left out of account. There will be disparities in globalised impacts between rich and poor countries for agriculture, industries, sustainability and environment as well as income and poverty.

Essay on Sustainable Development of Environment!. Oct 23,  · Importance of Natural Resources essay. which have limited opportunities to use natural resources are doomed to backwardness.

although they are trying to do their best to reduce this level to protect their environment and focus on the sustainable development (McCormick ). However, the energy is still an essential condition of the 4/5(61).

Short essay on Management of Natural Resources

Peoples start to recognize that nature can non supply more resources that it has, and that the natural resources consumed a batch. We will write a custom essay sample on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources specifically for you.

The aim of this report is to demonstrate the need to reduce the consumption of natural resources (environmental impacts) in the economy and provide the initial impetus for a new policy to keep the use of natural resources within sustainable limits.

The natural resources are a 'tool' of (or advancement) for human beings but it should be 'sustainable development'.

Which meets the current basic human needs and also preserves the resources for the needs future generations, is called sustainable development.

Essay on Sustainable Development of Environment

And to protect the environment from harm or is said to 'conserve' the environment. In this chapter we will describe how to use our natural. Sustainable Use of our Local Products and Natural Resources Essay - Tourism has long been one of the leading sectors in the world economy and its role is particularly invaluable in.

Keywords: utilization of natural resources, use sustainable resources Yaroslav Gromov. In present time, the question about sustainable use of natural resources has become very important all over the world.

Essay on sustainable use of natural resources
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